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Coaching Books
Leverage Your Best: Ditch the Rest
The Coaching Secrets Top Executives Depend On

Scott Blanchard and Madeleine Homan, co-founders of, share their groundbreaking program, honed by fourteen years of high-level executive coaching and consulting. They offer new perspectives on how to spend your precious and limited resources, time, emotions, passions, and energy to generate the best results.

The three-part process begins with a twenty-five-question self-assessment, then moves on to the Three Perspectives—major life queries that focus on how you are perceived, your own self-image, and self-imposed limitations.

The final step, the Seven Leverage Points, offers fresh insight into the choices you make and how you conduct yourself in business and in life.

Everyone's a Coach
Five Business Secrets for High-Performance Coaching

Don Shula, the most successful coach in NFL history, teams up with Dr. Ken Blanchard to share their secrets for inspiring others to greatness. At the heart of their theory is a simple acronym—COACH—that describes the qualities of an effective leader. Don Shula describes how a coaching concept works on the football field, and Ken Blanchard shows us how to apply that concept to leadership situations in the workplace.