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The CMS—The Blanchard Coaching Management System

The CMS is a proprietary web application that Blanchard Coaching uses to make coaching implementations in organizations more effective and efficient. It provides benefits for all stakeholders in a coaching engagement:

The Corporate Sponsor

When the individual responsible for hiring Blanchard and overseeing the coaching wants to keep a finger on the pulse of all the coaching, the CMS provides crucial information. The sponsor gets peace of mind that all coaches are using a consistent approach, methodology and language. The CMS makes it quick and easy to communicate with all coaches, track announcements, and get immediate feedback from coaches.

With the CMS we can easily track and report on:

  • Active coaches
  • Active clients
  • Coaching sessions (occurrence by date)
  • Trends and themes as reported by coaches (while maintaining confidentiality)
  • Focus areas (anonymous listing of what participants are working on)
  • The extent to which corporate objectives are being met
  • Goal and task completion of participants


  • One-stop shopping: A place to take notes—record and track goals, action steps, milestones—as well as, schedule sessions with the coaches.
  • Self-assessment to define the focus for coaching
  • Hundreds of tips and tools to increase effectiveness in management and leadership competencies


  • At a glance client list, session activity, notes, and all session records—a paper less coaching practice
  • Automated client-driven scheduling
  • Hundreds of tools for JIT (Just in Time) learning with clients
  • Immediate and easy storage of all coaching-relevant information