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Creating a Coaching Culture

Many organizations recognize that coaching skills are a valuable addition to the way their leaders interact with others. These companies have usually experienced the benefit of external coaching and are now interested in bringing coaching inside. They may want to:

  • Identify coaching as a critical leadership competency that will be taught and, later, measured in performance evaluations
  • Develop training, mentoring, and support for designated individuals to provide coaching internally

HR and OD professionals inside organizations have benefited from our experience with coaching in organizations. We can help the organization:

  • Define coaching for their specific culture and needs
  • Identify key behaviors that coaching entails
  • Design a training program for individuals who will be coaching
  • Define criteria for who gets coaching, why, how, when, for what duration
  • Structure coaching practices inside the organization
  • Outline methods to evaluate and measure effectiveness of coaching
  • Create a system for overseeing, mentoring, and supporting for coaches throughout the organization

Once coaching goals are defined and the organization is ready to get started, we can offer:

  • Ongoing coach training
  • Mentor coaching sponsors, internal master coaches and/or the coaches
  • A leave-behind Coaching Management System that allows people to continue their professional development — the Blanchard CMS is designed to support new coaches by offering a clear coaching process, a conversation structure, and an encyclopedia of useful content

Each implementation is overseen by a Senior Coach and a Master Certified Coach. This offering is highly customized to each organization, and the development and design of contract requires time and focus to craft.