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Coaching to Support Learning

The Ken Blanchard Companies is pleased to offer a systematic approach that bridges the learning-doing gap and help bring individuals and companies into alignment to create inspired, productive work environments. We know that coaching helps people deliver on their good intentions. People are enthusiastic when they leave our training programs, and they have every intention of using the skills and tools they have learned. A coach supports individuals in acting on their good intentions by practicing real-life scenarios, troubleshooting when roadblocks come up, and more.

Conducted one-to-one in a completely confidential environment, coaching helps people gain clarity, remove self-imposed limitations, leverage their strengths, and help others to do the same. Coaching helps individuals develop critical insights and determine intentional strategic and tactical actions.

Coaching supports training and development programs by helping individuals move from acquiring knowledge to applying knowledge. Coaching provides the opportunity for focused, one-to-one discussions about how to apply new concepts and how to internalize these leanings to maximize the benefit for the individual and for the organization. A coach can offer the support that individuals need in order to apply the tools and processes that have been taught in the classroom.

We recommend a minimum of three coaching sessions as a follow-up to training; clients report that six sessions is ideal. Each personalized session lasts 45 minutes. Adding training to coaching converts a training event into a learning process.

In case studies where coaching was utilized to support training, productivity rose 88%. This was four times greater than the productivity increase experienced by those who were not coached.

  • An independent study by Triad Performance Technologies, Inc., demonstrated that people and performance are positively impacted through coaching. Top performers tend to remain in their jobs, positive work environments are created, and revenue increases as individuals exceed their goals.
  • Research by Manchester Consulting shows that coaching dramatically improves working relationships between supervisors, direct reports, and their respective teams, resulting in a 5:1 return on investment.
  • A Training and Development article by Neil Rackham entitled “The Coaching Controversy” states, “However excellent your classroom training, without good coaching you are probably wasting 87 cents out of every skills dollar you spend!”