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Executive Coaching

Executives include high-potential, fast-tracking, newly promoted, or key individuals who are senior-level leaders or who are being considered in succession planning within the organization.

Executive coaching includes:

  • Coaching to support the development of leadership competencies, increased knowledge and best use of personal strengths, sharpening communication capability
  • Debriefing of 360° feedback programs (one we provide or client sponsored), creation of development and/or action plans
  • On-boarding newly hired or promoted individuals

Our Executive Coaching Process

Executive coaching is a flexible process that can vary over time. It is designed to accommodate the needs of the busy executive who has constantly changing demands. The primary elements of a successful executive coaching relationship include

  • Crafting a strong, completely confidential coaching alliance between the coach and the executive, building trust and fostering openness and honesty in all communications
  • Coaching focused on leadership and organizational dynamics that increase the executive's ability to influence others and be more effective as a leader
  • Establishing a focused process and environment in which individual and organizational alignment takes place—this includes identifying the desired outcomes and focusing the coaching on intentional behaviors and commitment to take action
  • Challenging the executive to look at his or her current behaviors and actions and identify effective paths to increase alignment between individual and organizational objectives and behaviors

Executive coaching is not recommended for managing poor performance unless the leader understands what needs to improve, is invested in making the changes, and is committed to the coaching process.

All executive coaching programs include oversight by a Senior Coach, and regular reports to the sponsor.