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Who Are Your Coaches?

Blanchard has over 100 coaches all over the world. All of our coaches have been through an ICF accredited training program. Graduation from a coach-training program is not "certification," though some schools call it that. To us certification means ICF certification. They have all have ICF certification or are very close to having it. The ICF certification is an extremely rigorous process. To learn more about it:

Most of our coaches have advanced degrees and many years of experience working in organizations—either as HR/OD professionals or as leaders.

To qualify to work with The Ken Blanchard Companies coaches go through a five-step interview process that includes demonstrating coaching competence. Since all of our coaches come from different programs (we are familiar with all of the good ones) we provide all of our coaches with a strong orientation to our coaching philosophy and methods. We provide them with an Internet tool (The CMS) to manage their coaching practice and ensure that they all use a consistent approach and language. Coaches assigned to projects are provided detailed orientation for each client group including the purpose of coaching, goals for coaching and culture. We have found that good coaches with good training have no problem whatsoever with working on a coaching team to provide an organization with a consistent, seamless and spectacular coaching experience.

If you are interested in coaching for The Ken Blanchard Companies please fill out the application. We are always looking for masterful, experienced, talented coaches, especially ICF certified coaches in Africa, South America, Eastern Europe, and Asia.

We recruit in regular cycles according to our business needs, so it may be some time before you hear from us once you fill out an application.