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What About Confidentiality?

Confidentiality means that the client may share information about the coaching with others, but the coach may not share information about the coaching outside of his or her conversations with the client. At Blanchard the Coach is responsible for sharing certain information with the Blanchard Sr. Coach who will then share appropriate information with the sponsor in the organization. Non-privileged information includes:

  • Whether or not the first session has been scheduled between coach and client
  • Number of sessions completed
  • Date of last session
  • Number of late cancellations and no-shows
  • Organizational trend date
  • Aggregated compilation of focus areas among an entire client group

In the rare event that a client reveals facts about potential legal issues (such as sexual harassment, gender/age/racial discrimination, fraud or theft) the coach is obligated to inform his or her Sr. Coach, and Blanchard is obligated to inform the appropriate HR agent for the organization. Facts that open the organization to legal liability are not privileged, and clients should be aware of this.