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What Results Are Achieved through Successful Coaching?

We have successfully implemented coaching services in hundreds of organizations with thousands of individuals.

Aggregate reports tell us the following:

  • 92 percent of the participants were highly satisfied with their coaching experience.
  • 90 percent of the participants agreed that coaching was a good investment of personal time and organizational resources.
  • 86 percent of the participants agreed that the individuals and the organization were benefiting significantly from the coaching.

Note: Not everyone is a good fit for coaching. Corporate sponsors should know that just because coaching is made available, coaching may not be the right way for some people to learn and grow.

The top benefits of coaching reported by clients were:

  • Improved focus on goal setting and goal achievement
  • Application of SLII® (or other concepts recently learned in training) concepts at the job site
  • Improved performance management practices with employees, including performance assessment and feedback
  • Expanded skills and competencies
  • An internal coaching culture, with improved relationships between managers and direct reports
  • Improved morale
  • Increased retention of key people

Satisfied customers tell the whole story:

“It has been, without condition, the most successful training and development initiative that I have seen employees embrace in 20 years.”

“I have found the coaching experience: helpful, rewarding, motivating, empowering, and 'development focused.' I would like to continue sessions! My coach is terrific!”

“Coaching has helped my organization in a number of ways. One of the biggest is the morale shift of my whole team. By holding each person accountable, it has increased morale and retained my place. People on my team were interviewing (thinking of leaving), and are no longer interviewing. Now I'm having four One on Ones per month with each team member, and these meetings are organized around the results and professional development of the team.”

“My coaching has created a positive change between me and my boss. I went from D2 [at closing calls with clients] to high D3 during my coaching, and now I'm at D4. My boss doesn't run calls for me any more. His silence tells me what a great job I've done.”

“Overall, I am thoroughly thrilled with my coach. The most obvious effect coaching has had for me is that I now feel I am much more aggressive, assertive, and confident. I had trouble 'flexing my muscles' as a manager. My coach is very professional and allows me to see the world through new eyes. THANK YOU!”