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Why Blanchard Coaching?

The vision for Blanchard Coaching is to democratize coaching. This means that we are passionate about making coaching easy and affordable for corporate sponsors to provide to the people who want it and need it. We have been guided by this vision since we started in February of 2000. To be the best, we have focused on the following:

  • Focus on business results. We focus solely on business coaching to achieve results for the organization that hires us. Our clients have conducted a number of impact evaluations that demonstrate the results they have delivered with our support (see appendix). We do not provide life coaching or career coaching following outplacement.
  • Organizational trend reporting. After each coaching session, the Blanchard coach is required to note the focus areas that were addressed, progress made and any organizational issues or trends they may have heard in a threaded discussion that only the Blanchard coach team can see. This valuable tool is called the Pass along. The Senior Coach monitors the Pass along and reports notable findings to the Client Sponsor on a regular, agreed-upon basis. This information includes organizational barriers that may be getting in the way of many individuals achieving results. This process occurs while preserving individual confidentiality, which is a bedrock of our coaching philosophy. As far as we know we are the only coaching firm that provides this useful service.
  • Experience and expertise. We are pioneers in the coaching industry and have been providing large-scale coaching services for six years. Our coaching experts have written a book on the subject (Leverage Your Best, Ditch the Rest), authored a number of articles that have appeared in a number of reputable publications (e.g., Harvard Management Update. T & D magazines—see appendix), and spoken at coaching conferences around the world.
  • Our infrastructure. The processes and technology we employ are proven to support large-scale coaching engagements (e.g., Senior Coach partnership with client Sponsor; our proprietary Coaching Management System).
  • Our intellectual property. Our coaches utilize Blanchard's proprietary leadership models and tools, such as SLII®, when appropriate during the coaching process. This material is some of most research driven and rich leadership material available.
  • Our coaches are held to a higher standard. Coach Certification from the International Coach Federation is a must, but not enough. Our coaches must demonstrate their coaching skills as they progress through a rigorous interview process that includes live telephone coaching sessions with the interviewer. In addition, our coaches are provided ongoing development of their skills and are evaluated on an ongoing basis using key metrics to ensure quality.
  • Impact services. Front-end assessments, impact mapping and a thorough orientation process prepare organizations, individuals, and coaches for coaching initiatives, and enhance our ability to meet unique needs. On the back-end, we follow up with impact analyses, producing detailed reports of the learning, achievements, and changes that result.